The Line Up

In the spirit of the original craftsmanship that Tom Keckler became known for while launching Schecter in the late ‘70s and then again with St. Blues in the ‘80s, our Workshop Series guitars are handmade in the USA.   These guitars are built from the ground up here in Memphis, just as they were from 1984-1989.   Workshop Series guitars feature only handpicked, finest select woods and fitted with components produced by the most renowned boutique builders in the world.   Every guitar is expertly finished in nitro cellulose lacquer.   This level of quality and detailed craftsmanship is only available in small batch production, which also allows us to work with you the player to build the St. Blues you want.

The Juke Joint Series will offer Saint Blues’ customers an affordable entry point for a high quality, made in Memphis guitar. The Juke Joint series will be streetpriced at $1,299 for the guitars and $1,349 for the bass.

The Juke Joint Series are unbound and finished in a Crystal satin finish, unlike the high-end Workshop Series that are double bound and finished in Nitro-cellulose. We added custom designed bridges, Wilkinson staggered tuners, and Kent Armstrong pickups. We also brought back the original logo from the 80’s to give it a special kick.